Sunday, 15 July 2012

Derby Olympic Torch Celebration Hosts Inappropriate Children's Choreography

Today I was going clearing my SD Card on my camera for my upcoming camping trip when I found some footage that I'd taken at the recent Olympic Torch Celebrations in Derby; there was a child dance group who were dancing to songs such as Sexy and I Know It and Moves Like Jagger.  

When I saw these children, who look between the ages of five to eight, dancing to LMAFO's club hit my jaw dropped.  I wasn't the only one; the friends I were with mirrored my complete shock.  For years I've been reading or hearing about the apparent "sexualisation" of children but treated this with suspicion.  After all, I remember wanting to appear more like an adult or teenager when I was a child.  Yet, when I took this footage I remember feeling that this was definitely a step too far! 

However, I was in for a even more shocking surprise when the music changed to Maroon 5's recent hit Moves Like Jagger; the children proceeded to straddle each other suggestively on floor and then slide their bodies together!  I was appalled!  Surely the choreographer of the children's group would have realised the implications behind this before broadcasting this as part of the Olympic Celebrations?  And why didn't the council politely ask the choreographer to change certain elements of the routine?  

I think now I am beginning to understand Levy in Female Chauvinist Pigs.  This is clear evidence of the introduction of children into Raunch Culture, and I wouldn't want my nephews or niece or be a part of a group like this.  This type of music is quite clearly sexual, something which I doubt the children were able to understand in its entirety.  What does it say about our culture when this type of sexualisation of children occurs right in the open, in a highly publicised event?  Maybe it's time we had a good long look at ourselves and the music we pipe down the radio into our children's ears.  That's not to say that this type of music is inherently bad, I rather enjoy both of these songs myself, but I'm not sure anyone is paying attention to the effect it is having on children.  

The rest of the celebration wasn't a completed wash-out, my friends and myself had front-row view of the Olympic Torch as it passed us on Full Street Derby and we finished off the night in the local Book Cafe' listening to some live music; the evening entertainment arranged by the Council was three women dancing on stage to Brazilian music... in bras and thongs.  

Over and Out,
Faye Stone 

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  1. Would like to add that since writing this blog post, I have since sent an email of complaint to the Derby City Council Customer Service Department. In my email I outlined the sexualisation of the children during the dance routine, how outraged I was at the commentator's age inapprioprate interview techniques and the objectification of the dancers in detriment to their talent.

    Will post when I receive a reply.